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Waters Edge

                                                    "Seventh Wave ".. ... The name Seventh Wave stems from a story that comes from the artist Sting. The story goes like this. Sting was hanging out with surfers. It baffled him why the surfers were waiting to surf seemingly great waves. Sting's curiosity was answered by a surfer whose reply was that "the seventh wave is the one that carries you through". A song was born, "Love is the Seventh Wave". Thus, Seventh Wave Yoga.Studio was brought to life. ALSO Sat Nam in Kundalini is a practice mantra meditation, opening the seven Chakra ,seven waves. A dream of mine to open studio and share a space for Yoga , and with other modalities ,artists,dance, workshops, CEU for massage ....whatever! After my last year ,which now I look at as a prep , life learning lesson ,greater appreciation for the inner strength I really do carry ..I am so ready for where this takes me ..An inner "Seventh Wave "can carry you to your dreams too. Namaste d'ONNAragraph here.