Massage & Relaxation

We offer many bodywork treatments including massage, aromatherapy, Reiki, reflexology  & more! 


Learn  how your non-verbal communication, internal mind state and focus on being in the moment affect your ability to lead and project your intentions. Guided by our equines, you will complete exercises that 
lead to greater self-awareness and confidence.

Massage & Bodywork

Many different massage and bodywork options to choose from! Each massage is based on needs . Let us help you choose which is perfect for your specific self care. 

  • Sea of Tranquility Sampler2:13
  • Taking Chances2:24


 The Fascia Blaster is a tool to aid in breaking up fascial adhesions .A  powerful compliment to other Massage techniques . Combining heat,deep tissue ,fascia roilling .  Along with essential oils  and using our Infrared Sauna

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The Sounding Siren

Health and healing through sound.
Transmutation and healing on all levels of the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies utilizing the vibrational sound frequencies of music with piano, crystal singing bowls, chimes, gongs and voice.




Seventh  Wave Yoga

Mused Enhancements

Artist ~ Illustrator

​​​healing arts & music

Waters Edge


this ancient art and science uses pressure points on the hands and feet to help heal and revitalize. It helps to adjust energy flow in order to keep organs in a state of balance.

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