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Waters Edge

Waters Edge Healing Arts & Music, located in the beautiful Hill Country area in Canyon Lake, TX welcomes you to our Holistic House where you are acknowledged for the whole being that you are. We offer therapies and sessions for your body, mind and spirit; the whole you. Our intention is one of balance in all areas of your life where "thriving", "flourishing" and "expanding" are daily expressions.

Founder, Donna Aloia draws on 20 plus  years of experience in the Holistic Health field, through her focus on Massage Therapy, complimentary therapies, body, mind and spirit balance, and the energetics of health. Donna enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with clients and the community.

Waters Edge offers numerous therapies networked with a myriad of health approaches and products to support your individual needs and choices.

         Meet Donna

I am Donna Aloia, an inspired practitioner of Massage, Yoga and Healing Arts and founder/owner of Waters Edge Healing Arts & Music and Seventh Wave Yoga studio.

Massage & Bodywork Therapy

LMT, CST, Massage Therapist and Holistic Nutritional Coach

I have been actively working in the health field for approximately 20 years. I graduated from the Florida Institute of Massage Therapy with a great understanding of anatomy, physiology, and massage principles.
I am a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1990. In 2011, I  added Holistic Health Coaching to my practice. Wanting to teach the benefits of massage, I became an instructor in 2012, all the while working with Sound, Energy and Vibration. My communicative, intuitive  and holistic approach to treatment makes my services unique and incredibly valuable. Treating no two individuals alike, each with their own wants and needs. I believe in encouraging Sound, Body, Mind & Spirit.    

Yoga Instructor

In 2013 I completed a 200hr Yoga Instructor Certification, with emphasis on asana and the physiology of the poses. Following with another 200 hr  certification reg with Yoga Alliance  adding a Kundalini breath work style to practice. In 2016, I added a restorative flow offering with 7th Wave Yoga. I also found a true calling by taking my practice to the water and receiving certification in Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga . I found the style that tied it all together and put me in a natural element for me. Offering Paddleboard Yoga,  Paddleboard Tours and Dance on the Waters (Hula Kai).

Sound Healer

I love to create transformational combinations of music, healing arts and sacred performance. Learn to meditate more easily, reduce stress and anxiety, and unleash your innate ability for physical healing. Harmonic Sound Bodywork is a flowing blend of massage, deep stillness, and vibrational healing with tuning forks, crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, and Tingshas. All of my sessions provide you with a deep and sacred experience of peace, inspiration and renewal. Inspired by my childhood days spent by the ocean in a coastal town in New England, a lifelong connection to the deep, mystical aspects of the sea and its relationship to the inner realms. I feel a kinship with mermaids, mythical beings, saints, spiritual practices and world mythologies which inspire us to create our lives as works of art and beauty grounded in love and service.

"My life experience as an Artist, Healing Artist, and Spiritual Seeker of the truth has taken me to amazing places both internally and educationally. I have been truly blessed with gifts as an Artist as well as a Healing Practioner, and am looking forward to the next half of my life living as a woman of great truth, dignity, and to be at peace with what is to be. My intention is to bring experience, knowledge and gifts to every session and assist each person in attaining their goals." - Donna



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